Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Tradition

Good morning everyone!
It is a big day at the Schriever residence, our baby girl is turning two today! And to celebrate I am initiating Throwback Thursdays where I will share one of my older-not always beautiful-pages. Now I can hear you already 'but Annie, it is only Wednesday'. No I didn't forget the days of the week-we are going to be out of town the next two Thursdays-but more to come on that tomorrow hopefully! So onward!

Our baby girl as she looks today-she has this habit of not keeping the couch cushions where they are supposed to be!

And here is my girl the first day we got her about about two months old-4 pounds of fluff, you could hold her in one hand-or carry her around in your pocket. She has been such a breath of fresh air in our lives! Happy Birthday Elphie!
'Elphie Now that We're Friends' 5/3/2010

Thanks for stopping by!

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