Thursday, November 20, 2014

Live Life Dancing Through the Rain

Last week we had the most amazing rainstorm here, and I just love being outside in the rain.  Well most rains.  This was the last rain of before temperatures dropped and we got our first 6 inches of snow.  It was so peaceful watching it rain from my studio window.  It also reminded me of a phrase I read on a piece of patterned paper from My Minds Eye, so with all that inspiration I pulled out my art journal and got started.

I realized while I was working on my background that I didn't have any mists that were the right shade of blue for the whole page so I used my gelatos and a baby wipe.  I did spray first using a darker blue but the baby wipe blended a lot of the drops with the gelatos.

The figure is a stenciled image done in black acrylic paint-I don't actually own this stencil, I borrowed it at a friends house and used it a few times on a piece of vellum.  I fussy cut this one out for my journal.  It was adhered down with softgel and then outlined using a white signo pen.  

I used homemade texture paste but before I removed the stencil I spritzed with Mister Huey's in Seafoam.  

I stamped with bubble wrap and gesso before splattering the whole page with watered down silver acrylic paint.  I pulled out my rusty cursive for the title and highlighted that with a glitter pen. 

The perfect rainy day project!     

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Crooked Beauty

Hi friends, can you believe how fast November is going already??  Yes I know it is only the 7th, but I got an email from my boss yesterday, thoughtful as ever...

20 days
Christmas Day
48 days
New Year Day
55 days
Talk about a slight panic attack!  I haven't even started Christmas gifts yet!  So naturally instead of buckling down last night and coming up with some clever gift ideas I had to retreat to my studio for some fun.  I was sick for most of this week so the only crafty thing I did was lounge on the couch and watch youtube videos.  Yesterday was the first day I felt somewhat normal again so I worked on another spread in my art journal.  

I had started the background at crafty day last weekend and didn't like where it was going, but last night it all kind of fell into place and I grew to love it.

This turned out to be a fun page to do, I had a chance to play with mica flakes and watercolors as well as some pigments to mixed with softgel.

I used a flocked Prima rub, just too bad it ended up going on crooked-that's what an art journal is for though.  

I loved these little birds but the chipboard was thicker than what I wanted in my journal, so I used a brush to dampen the back of them and peeled off one layer at a time until they were thin enough.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oh Pussycat...

I mentioned last week that I wanted to honor one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite shows.  She's beautiful, charming, witty and a bit odd-and the top on a long list of characters I wanted to be for Halloween.  So this year I whipped out my sewing machine and 12 yards of fabric to pay homage to one Lily Munster...

Le sigh....just gorgeous!  

I just loved making this, long drappy sleeves and flowy fabric, a little scary to work on at first, I couldn't find a pattern I liked so I made one up, which gave me a chance to make myself some great sleeves!

I just love how it floats-so much fun to wear it.  

I just hope I did her justice...and thanks to my sister for the photo shoot!