Sunday, November 9, 2014

Crooked Beauty

Hi friends, can you believe how fast November is going already??  Yes I know it is only the 7th, but I got an email from my boss yesterday, thoughtful as ever...

20 days
Christmas Day
48 days
New Year Day
55 days
Talk about a slight panic attack!  I haven't even started Christmas gifts yet!  So naturally instead of buckling down last night and coming up with some clever gift ideas I had to retreat to my studio for some fun.  I was sick for most of this week so the only crafty thing I did was lounge on the couch and watch youtube videos.  Yesterday was the first day I felt somewhat normal again so I worked on another spread in my art journal.  

I had started the background at crafty day last weekend and didn't like where it was going, but last night it all kind of fell into place and I grew to love it.

This turned out to be a fun page to do, I had a chance to play with mica flakes and watercolors as well as some pigments to mixed with softgel.

I used a flocked Prima rub, just too bad it ended up going on crooked-that's what an art journal is for though.  

I loved these little birds but the chipboard was thicker than what I wanted in my journal, so I used a brush to dampen the back of them and peeled off one layer at a time until they were thin enough.

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