Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let me introduce...

Good afternoon scrappy friends!  I've hit a rut the last couple of weeks, and have found myself having more luck with Draw Something (my Ewok was Louvre worthy!) than completing any of the unfinished projects cluttering my desk.  So to fill the silence I have decided that now that we've been together for a while I would introduce myself a bit more as well as my wonderful support staff!

So for starters a bit about me...

-My husband says I have albino grover arms-sweet huh?

-I have a slight obsession with Harry Potter, I hosted a Harry Potter party prior to the release of the last movie, complete with butterbeer and my own Hedwig

-I always have a wide variety of projects on my desk in various stages of completion (at the moment 4 pages and 5 mini albums)

-When it comes to titles and journaling, I draw a lot of inspiration from movies and songs

-When walking with someone I always have to be on their left side

And a bit about those I have assisting in my scrappy endevors...

CFO and head Cheerleader

My darling hubby, Coby, he not only keeps me in my budget but is the first one to encourage and compliment my work-even if I want to kick him sometimes he is still the first person I turn to at the completion of every project.

Official door stop and Bouncer

My Jewel, 60 pounds of unmoving fur that just lolls around in the doorway of my room-her constant pressance is always a reassurance when those creepy noises start up during those late nights scrapping.  Or when that pesky mailman climbs the porch stairs to drop off the latest kit from SOD.

Court Jester and Chewer of all things paper

There is no other way to say it, she is definitely a momma's girl, always underfoot and her little tail could power a small country with how fast it wiggles.  She takes after me, always running into walls and tripping over her own four feet.  She sniffs every new shopping bag that comes through my door and assists in my distressing by nibbling the corners of any paper carelessly left in puppy reach.  She seems to prefer My Minds Eye over the rest.  She is also most excellent at 'building' with couch cushions.

In other very fun news Archivers got in a few new fun items today-both new Graphic 45 lines and the Tim Holtz summer seasonal distress inks!  Made for an amazing night at work!

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  1. I love when people put a little bit out about themselves. It personalizes everything. A little about me! I love anything that makes me laugh, pretty shoes and I never finish an artpiece 100% because (in my mind at least art should be neverending)