Thursday, May 17, 2012

Better late than never

This past Christmas my husband gave me a kindle Fire to help support my reading habit-which is only outshone by my scrapping habit!  We were leaving on vacation a few weeks after Christmas and during that time I searched high and low for a cover that I loved, something that was functional yet still aesthetically pleasing.  Amazon had very few choices, the ones I could afford being very dull and lacking anything interesting, and the ones I loved were just way too many pennies for my liking. 

So I opted for the DIY route.  It took me a bit of planning to figure it out, but I absolutely love the outcome!  It held up during all our travels and still looks in excellent shape!  And all for under $5.00!

I purchased my book in the clearance section of Half Price books for a whole dollar I looked for one that was roughly a quarter inch taller and half an inch wider than my kindle.  When I got home I cut the innards out of my book using my craft knife and tucked them away to use on scrappy pages in the future.

Once my book cover was naked I covered the entire thing in the foam sheets, both inside and outside.  I also covered the inner and outer spine.  To allow for easy closing I cut my foam into different sections, one each for the spine and back and front covers.  So I ended up with 6 pieces for the inside and outside.  I adhered these down with fabri-tac and let sit.

The outer cover was made using a fat quarter from my fabric stash, when the glue was dry I laid my book open flat on my fabric square and trimmed that down so it was roughly 2 inches larger than my book on all sides.  I used my mad book covering skills from high school to create a cover for the outside of my book which I then glued down to prevent it from slipping around. 

Prior to lining the cover with felt I added ribbons for a closure, two on each side.  The end of each ribbon was sealed with a match to prevent unraveling.  I measured roughly and inch and a half in from the top and bottom. 

On the right side of my cover I laid my kindle out to check sizing and where the elastic loops would go.  I marked the foam approximately where the elastic would go.  I cut for pieces of elastic and wrapped them around the corner of my kindle.  This gave me the rough size of the loop.  Since I was using elastic, and to give myself a snug hold I cut the elastic the exact size of the kindle and sewed the two ends together.  I then adhered a loop of elastic to each corner using fabri-tac.

I measured the inside of my cover to get the dimension of the felt and cut it into one large piece.  I cut slits in the felt where the loops would come through and pulled them through before adhering the felt down. And voila!  A lovely padded kindle cover! 

The outside was decorated with a peacock feather from Michaels-the largest investment of the project.  I used the same ribbon from my closure but this time I glued a piece of brown ribbon to the back of it to give it a bit more structure.  The charms were from a tag destroyed by my puppy which I added to a Tim Holtz memo pin and stuck into my foam padding.

Lobster taking a break on deck with the kindle

Supplies needed:
Hard cover book-roughly the size of your e-reader
Foam sheets
A fat quarter of fabric
1/4" elastic
craft knife
Thread and needle


  1. what a great idea. You did a lovely job

  2. Love that picture of the lobster :-) You did a great job and I love how you added the peacock feather. Have you seen my peacock notecards? If not, head on over to my blog and if you like them, I'd love to send you a few.