Sunday, May 13, 2012

Modeling Paste and Mist

A word of warning, this got to be kind of longish-so feel free to skip ahead and just look at the pretty pictures if you'd like!

Although I missed most of NSBD I couldn't resist the week long challenge, you all know how much I love my minis!  This year's theme was to do a time capsule, a list of 10 things you wanted to tell yourself in 10 years.  This really was a challenge for me, I had a hard time sticking to an idea, I would begin working on something only to spiral off in a new direction after spending an hour on the first.  

I decided I wanted to remind myself of things that are important to me and that really make me happy right now.  The song that comes on the radio that I can't help sing along too, my own happy corner of the world etc...

The cover of my album, I don't know that the title fits the feel of the album, but I loved it from the beginning and decided that was my title.  I started with a blank chipboard album from 7Gypsies.  I used modeling paste to cover the chicken wire mask from Crafter's workshop to get the negative image of the mask in the corners.  I had excess on the mask when I pulled it off so I flipped it over and stamped the mask.  Once dry misted the whole thing with Mister Huey's in Gold, Leaf Green and Water Cooler, also Lindy's Stamp Gang's Moonshadow Mist.  The gears were also misted with the same colors.

 Page one shows my absolute favorite musical at the moment, I've seen Wicked 5 times and I cannot wait to see it again, the image on the page is of my favorite moment in the show.  The show has a lot of steampunk elements to it so I pulled in more gears and the Tim Holtz clock mask-also using modeling paste, this time mixed with acrylic paints. Nothing special about page two, which shows the books I can read/listen to over and over-Harry Potter.  Yes I am a major Potterhead!  

This two page spread shows how some of my favorites morphed over the last year, I am curious to see if in 10 years they are still the same.  My favorite color was bright pink and has since morphed into turquoise, and my favorite animal, the flamingo suddenly shifted into a peacock-don't get me wrong I still love my flamingos-they are kind of gawky and awkward (which I can relate too!)  The frame of the peacock was done using alcohol inks

Page 5, my absolute favorite vacation spot I have been to so far (Barbados) and page 6, the destinations of my dream vacation, Carcassonne France, Delphi Greece, Rome Italy.  The red twine was inspired by the maps shown in the Indiana Jones movies-how the draw the red lines from location to location as he travels.  

Page 7 shows my happy place, which is anywhere with my husband and our girls-a reminder to me that those three are all I need to be happy anywhere.  Page 8 was going to be much more than this, but I just couldn't decide where to take it from here, because I really loved how it was looking-so I opted to leave it as is, adding the date in the corner since I didn't have it on the cover.

Page 9 shows my niece Avalee this year, how absolutely gorgeous, and hilarious, she is!  Page 10 is definitely not my favorite-I love the quote, and seeing (most) of my family always makes me smile, but it just looks blank.  So it will most likely be revisited again soon!

Pages 11 & 12 are for my husband-just a few of the reasons why I love him so much-it was very hard to limit myself to just 10!

Pages 13 & 14:  After having a page about why I love my husband, I really wanted to include a page about why I love myself.  This page was the most insightful to me-I couldn't find anything that I love about myself.  I don't even know who I am really.  I just know that whoever I am I have to be that person-hopefully in 10 years I will know more!

Page 15 & 16: A list of my favorites this year including books, movies, songs, shows, crushworthy actor, color , animal, store, flower, hobby and scrappy brand!

All pages in this album, excluding the front and back were adhered to the chipboard with mod podge before sanding the edges down and inking with black soot.

Thanks for putting up with the long post!  Have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. This is one cool and fabulous album. So much creativity and thought put into this. Excellent work.

  2. Wow! Awesome album!! I especially love the cover! Great work diva!